From Invisible to Essential

Join Us In Calling On Property Owners, Managers And Cleaning Contractors To Take Action.​

Janitors are still being paid close to minimum wage and shouldn’t be left behind!

Janitors and the COVID-19 Crisis

They’ve gone from invisible to essential. Janitors are amongst the workers protecting public health and safety during this COVID-19 crisis.

Suddenly, many service workers who are often under appreciated and underpaid have been thrust into the spotlight. During this crisis, it’s become more clear than ever, that low-paid janitors do essential work and need a permanent wage enhancement.

Some industries have stepped up and are recognizing the value of their workers. For example, there’s been an increase in pay for some grocery store workers, and there’s talk of the hazard pay for healthcare workers.

Janitors are still being paid close to minimum wage and shouldn’t be left behind!


Janitors have historically faced an uphill battle to be recognized for the important work they do for public health and safety. Their wages have been kept low as working conditions deteriorated. In an effort to maximize their profits, property owners, including governments and pension funds, and property managers have created a competitive-bidding model that puts downward pressure on wages and pushes janitors to do more and more, often with less staff and less time.

Janitors continue to clean essential workplaces like healthcare facilities, public transportation systems, airports, vital shopping locations, courthouses, morgues, parcel delivery facilities, police stations, and office buildings deemed essential, just to name a few. Deep cleaning will continue to be needed when the time comes for the majority of the public to return to our workplaces, including the schools, colleges, and universities our children attend.

While some cleaning contractors have been trying to do right by their employees, building owners who own luxurious properties need to step-up and recognize the invaluable contributions of cleaners.

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Join us in calling on property owners, managers and cleaning contractors to take action.

We are calling on property owners, managers and cleaning contractors, to work together to: 

Provide an immediate $2/hr raise
Keep cleaners employed during the crisis
Take steps to ensure all cleaners are working safely with the required training and Personal Protect Equipment (PPE).

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