"We must always stand up for ourselves as a union. This contract is a great step in the right direction for all of us."

SEIU Local 2 surveyed its members working in the janitorial sector to understand worker issues…

“This really gives me peace of mind. It feels great to have sick days, better pay and some retirement security.”

“I think with many other front line workers, this pandemic has really shone a light on how vitally important some of our most underpaid and undervalued working people are”

Now backed by SEIU Local 2’s entire 20,000 strong membership, janitors at the Uptown Mall are now going to bargain for their first union contract. While wages are an important concern, the janitors have several priorities.

Bee-Clean Workers across the Province of New Brunswick have ratified their first collective agreement with SEIU Local 2.

Racism is key to maintaining this unfair and unjust economic system. Racism is used to divide working class people and keep us from uniting to challenge the rich and powerful who benefit from a rigged economy.

In her 37 years working abroad, Loida Ubay has supported her parents and eight nieces and nephews in the Philippines.

“I do the work because it’s my job,” said Loida. “It makes it possible for other people to work.”

Janitors came out to demand fair pay, safe working conditions and lay-off protections as they continue bargaining their first contract with Bee-Clean.