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BC Members Enrolled in Health & Welfare Trust

The Trustees of the Union’s Benefit Trust have taken steps to ensure workers laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic do not lose their health benefits. All plan participants who are eligible at the time they are laid off will continue to be covered for a minimum three months to bridge workers through the crisis.

If you are laid off:

  1. Notify the union office immediately at:
  2. Apply for EI Benefits at

If you are off work due to illness:

  1. You must first use any sick days you have under the collective agreement.
  2. Once you have used up your sick days you can apply for the Weekly Indemnity by contacting the Union office for application forms:

The Weekly Indemnity is designed to bridge you to EI Sick Benefits and provide additional coverage for illnesses that extend beyond the period that EI covers.

If you expect that you will be off for more than a week you should apply for EI Sick Benefits immediately. 

For additional resources on Short-Term Disability eligibility and Covid-19 see: