Dexterra workers across BC are organizing with SEIU to win job security against contract flips, higher wages, health benefits and paid sick days. You can do it too!

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Dexterra is a large multi-national janitorial contractor that cleans millions of square feet across British Columbia. 

Over the years, contract flips have left thousands of Dexterra workers in precarious positions where they are either losing their jobs or having to re-apply to new contractors with no guarantee that they will be re-hired. In the case that they are re-hired, the new contractor has no obligation to pay the same wage rates and benefits (if any).

Covid-19 has only exacerbated this insecurity where many workers are facing lay off with no rights to recall and severance pay. 

This is why Dexterra workers across BC are organizing with SEIU. Whether your worksite is under threat of a contract flip or you simply want to have a collective voice to fight for better wages and benefits, now is the time to win a union at your workplace and we can help get you there!

How do successorship rights protect unionized contracted janitors from contract flips?

  • In May 2019, the BC provincial government implemented ‘successorship rights’ to protect contracted workers, such as janitors, during a contract change. 
  • Successorship rights (Section 35 in the BC Labour Code) only applies to workers at unionized worksites. 
  • If the cleaning contract changes at a unionized workplace, the new Employer (successor company) must re-hire all the staff, recognize their seniority, union contract and right to collectively bargain. 
  • On the other hand, non-union janitors must re-apply as probationary employees with no guarantee they will be hired with the same terms and conditions of work as before!

What are you waiting for? Contact an organizer and unionize your workplace today!

Dexterra Workers Speak Up –
Job Security Now!

Stanley 2

Years of Service Protected

“I worked with Dexterra for 3 years and felt very nervous when I heard the contract would change as we had no guarantees about anything. We unionized with SEIU and the new company had to recognize my seniority and years of service.”

- Stanley Maranion


Job Security

“I worked for Dexterra at Tsawwassen Mills mall and suddenly there was a contract flip. We chose to unionize, so that the new company would have to rehire us. Now our jobs are legally protected no matter how many times the company changes.” 

- Lourdes Rumbaoa

Wage Protections & Increases

“Last November [2019], Dexterra lost the cleaning contract at the mall. I was making $17 an hour and worried I would not be re-hired or get a pay cut. Because we unionized with SEIU, we were able to protect our wage rates and won the right to negotiate for more benefits with the new company.”

- Derek Varley


Paid Sick Days and Health Benefits

“I worked at Lonsdale Quay with Dexterra for years without health benefits and sick days. The cleaning contract was up for tender just when the Covid-19 outbreak happened and we knew we had to do something fast. With no health benefits and paid sick days, I helped organize my co-workers to unionize so we could win these benefits and job protections, and we did!”

- Saturnina Cuntapay


Power of a Union

“I worked at Dexterra for over 6 years. When the contract was about to flip at Tsawwassen Quay, I risked losing my wage rate and even worse, my job all together. I quickly organized with my co-workers and not only did I protect my job and wage rate, but with SEIU, I was able to collectively bargain a higher wage rate and Employer paid health benefits that were more superior to what I had before.”

- Dorinna Charette