Dexterra workers across BC are organizing with SEIU to win higher wages, health benefits, paid personal days, and job security against contract flips. You can do it too!

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Dexterra is a large multi-national janitorial contractor that cleans millions of square feet across British Columbia.

This year, Dexterra workers in BC began organizing with SEIU Local 2. In June 2021, Capilano Mall was the first worksite to win their union and by mid-November, these workers ratified their first collective bargaining agreement.

Not only did Dexterra workers win ground-breaking improvements for themselves and their families but have also created a pathway for non-union Dexterra workers to unionize and enjoy these same benefits.

Whether your worksite is under threat of a contract flip or you and your coworkers are ready to win a collective voice to fight for better wages and benefits, now is the time to win a union at your workplace and we can help you get there!

These are some of the most significant improvements Dexterra janitors won through collective bargaining:

  • Guaranteed wage increases every year that keep workers significantly above the minimum wage
  • Pay premiums for lead hands, project workers and graveyard shifts
  • Guarantees that workers getting paid rates at or higher than those on the pay grid will also get raises every year.
  • Health and Welfare Benefits with premiums 100% Employer paid and provides access to part-time workers!
  • Additional Paid Stat Holiday – Easter Monday
  • Paid Personal – 3 paid days off per year that can be used for emergencies, illness, or non-emergency related absences.
  • Better Vacation Pay & Leave of Absence for up to 3 months that can be combined with vacation and protects seniority and the job when a worker returns
  • Paid Bereavement Leave – 3 paid days for immediate family and in-laws
  • Job Security – Grievance Procedure and Protection against unjust terminations or disciplines and any potential contract changes in the future
  • Job Vacancy, Lay-off & Recall rights that will protect the seniority of workers for 1 year if there is layoff and give current workers priority to new job postings
  • Strong language on Health & Safety, Discrimination & Harassment

How do successorship rights protect unionized contracted janitors from contract flips?

  • In May 2019, the BC provincial government implemented ‘successorship rights’ to protect contracted workers, such as janitors, during a contract change. 
  • Successorship rights (Section 35 in the BC Labour Code) only applies to workers at unionized worksites. 
  • If the cleaning contract changes at a unionized workplace, the new Employer (successor company) must re-hire all the staff, recognize their seniority, union contract and right to collectively bargain. 
  • On the other hand, non-union janitors must re-apply as probationary employees with no guarantee they will be hired with the same terms and conditions of work as before!

What are you waiting for? Contact an organizer and unionize your workplace today!

Dexterra Workers Speak Up –
Job Security Now!


Higher wages

“I’ve been working at Capilano Mall with Dexterra for 12 years.” The only increases we ever get are the government minimum wage increases, which we don’t know when it will happen again. That is why we needed to unionize at Capilano Mall. We are essential workers that deserve better pay for the work we do in keeping the public safe.”

- Gerry Langbis


Paid Sick & Personal Days

“I have worked with Dexterra for over 15 years and without any access to paid sick days. This issue was important to me even before the Covid-19 outbreak because this is a right all workers should have whether we face a health pandemic or not. We need paid sick days that are guaranteed in a union contract.”

- Ivan Chung


Overnight Wage Premium

“I work the overnight shift at Capilano Mall with Dexterra. This shift is very difficult on the body in addition to a job that is already quite physical. With our union, we will ask for pay increases collectively and we hope to win an overnight pay premium like other unionized workers have.”

- Allen Gonsaden


Health Benefits

“We decided to organize into a union so we can win health benefits for ourselves and our families. Right now, any health benefits that exist with Dexterra are inconsistent, do not include part-time workers and are completely under the control of the Employer. It’s time everyone who needs health benefits has access to them.”

- Carrianne Greyeyes


Power of a Union

“I worked at Dexterra for over 6 years. When the contract was about to flip at Tsawwassen Quay, I risked losing my wage rate and even worse, my job all together. I quickly organized with my co-workers and not only did I protect my job and wage rate, but with SEIU, I was able to collectively bargain a higher wage rate and Employer paid health benefits that were more superior to what I had before.”

- Dorinna Charette

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