Ongoing Campaigns

Janitors across Canada are uniting and fighting for justice on all fronts with the goal of improving standards for all workers in the janitorial sector!

Best Service Pros Bargaining

Best Service Pros cleaners at five post-secondary institutions in British Columbia ratified a new deal containing significant wage increases and putting workers in a position to join central bargaining in 2023 with thousands of janitors.

2022 Toronto Bargaining – Make the Pledge

Janitors covered by City-Wide Agreements have ratified a new deal containing the largest increases we’ve ever won. Members employed by companies with “site/building-specific” agreements will be negotiating next.

2023 Vancouver City-Wide Bargaining

Over 2500 SEIU janitors from across Metro-Vancouver are in our first Central Bargaining Contract Negotiations to win much needed improvements – cost of living wage increases, improved benefits, a pension plan, better health & safety measures, and job security!

Bee-Clean Union

In November 2020, Bee-Clean workers unionized with SEIU Local 2 won their first collective bargaining agreement in British Colombia. Through their union, the workers refused to give up and by staying strong and united were able to put enough pressure on Bee-Clean that the company conceded to some of their key demands.

YVR Union

Frontline Janitors at Vancouver International Airport are organizing a union with SEIU to win much needed job security, protections and bargaining power at work.

2023 Everclean Bargaining

Everclean workers at three shopping malls in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island will be bargaining a renewal to their Collective Bargaining Agreement in June to win much needed improvements – cost of living wage increases, improved benefits, a pension plan, better health & safety measures, and job security! 

Dexterra Campaign

Dexterra workers across BC are organizing with SEIU to win job security against contract flips, higher wages, health benefits and paid sick days. You can do it too!

2023 OCC Bargaining

Invisible to Essential

Join Us In Calling On Property Owners, Managers And Cleaning Contractors To Take Action in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.​