Become a Steward

Worker rights are human rights! Having a trained union member at the workplace who understands the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is important to ensure your rights are protected.

Anders Cenezero Photo

"Stewards are needed to make our union stronger and be sure the employer is respecting our contract."

Anders Cenezero
Vancouver, BC
A steward training session

"Stewards make our union stronger! We help educate our co-workers on how to defend our rights and the responsibilities we have as union members.."

Scott Perry
Ottawa, ON
Loyda Urbina

"Being a union steward is very important because you help many people. Sometimes there are members who struggle with English and it's easier to defend yourself when you have a steward by your side. "

Loyda Urbina
Toronto, ON
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Role of a Steward

  • To assist co-workers understand and defend their rights at the workplace. Occasionally this will mean being present at disciplinary meetings.
  • To be a liaison with the Union representative. Keep the union rep informed about important workplace issues and pass along important information from rep to other workers.
The CBA allows for a certain number of stewards at your workplace. If there is no steward there, we can begin the process to get one elected. If there already is a steward at your location, there’s a chance there’s a slot for an additional one. Contact your union rep for more information.

Participate in the next Steward Training!

  • Get a deeper understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Become more comfortable in filling out an official grievance form on behalf of co-workers
  • Get a better understanding of what constitutes a grievance
  • Feel more comfortable in how to get the specific details and facts about a grievance
  • Feel more confident in your ability to answer co-workers’ questions
  • Feel more comfortable in providing support for members
  • Feel more confident in your role as a steward
France Chartrand Photo

“Steward training has helped me to better prepare my coworkers.
I highly recommend it”


Ottawa, ON

If you would like more information on becoming a union steward
or on the next available training, please