10 Paid Sick Days in BC

We know all workers need it!


SEIU members won paid sick days through collective bargaining. But we are fighting for more because we know all workers need it.

This year, the BC government implemented 3 Covid-only related paid sick days and promised that this January, they will be implementing permanent paid sick days in the province.

As an affiliate of the BC Federation of Labour, SEIU Local 2 joins thousands of workers across BC in the campaign for 10 permanent paid sick days.

Paid sick days will not only keep the public safe but also allow SEIU members to focus on winning other improvements in collective bargaining that are important to workers, such as wage increases and better health and dental benefits.

Watch the video below and listen to what SEIU Members across the Lower Mainland have to say about the importance of having paid sick days for all workers:

It’s time to stop waiting and act now.
Sign the BC Federation of Labour Petition for 10 Paid Sick Days

Take the BC government Survey to demand 10 paid sick days!

The BC government is currently engaging with workers and employers to ask for feedback on what the minimum amount of paid sick days should be. We all know that 3 or 5 days is not enough! Make it clear workers need 10 paid sick days a year (select “strongly agree” to option 3 – last page of survey). Deadline is October 25.

BC FEDERATION OF LABOUR: Proposal on Paid Sick Leave

You can also read the proposal prepared by the BC Federation of Labour in the summer of 2020 that lays out the argument for 10 paid permanent sick days in BC. 

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