2023 Everclean Bargaining

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Everclean workers at three shopping malls in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island will be bargaining a renewal to their Collective Bargaining Agreement in June to win much needed improvements – cost of living wage increases, improved benefits, a pension plan, better health & safety measures, and job security! 

Workers at Uptown Shopping Mall in Victoria, Coquitlam Centre, and Sevenoaks Mall in Abbotsford provide essential services to the public they serve and are major hubs in these communities. The workers at each of these malls have come a long way in forming their Union with SEIU Local 2 and winning a first Collective Agreement. 

The rise in the cost of living and unprecedented inflation we are experiencing means workers are still struggling to pay bills and make ends meet. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) as calculated by Statistics Canada has annual inflation at 6.8%, the highest we have seen in 31 years!

That’s why Everclean workers are steadfast in standing together and winning a strong contract in this upcoming round of bargaining.

Ready to Take Action!

Over 94% of Everclean workers surveyed have indicated they are ready to take action to win a strong contract.

May 31, 2023: Meet your Everclean Bargaining Committee Members

Workers Voices


Congratulations on ratifying your Collective Agreement! Thanks to the bargaining committee for all their hard work. Dallis will be in touch with the employer on when you should expect your retro pay and updated wage increase. Please feel free to reach out to Dallis with any questions. Congratulations!


-12-2:30 PM Break Room behind Food Court

-9 PM in Food Court

Discuss outcome of bargaining and vote on new collective agreement.

-12-2:30 PM Janitorial Office

-9 PM in Food Court 

Discuss outcome of bargaining and vote on new Collective Agreement.

Bargaining Committee presents final monetary offer to Employer at negotiations.

Bargaining day scheduled.

Bargaining Committee  introduces monetary proposals on behalf of workers at the three shopping centres. 

The Everclean Bargaining Team, consisting of workers from all three malls, starts bargaining the renewal of their Union contract.

The Bargaining Committee meets in Burnaby to review the Bargaining Proposals

Everclean Workers at Uptown Mall in Victoria elect Bargaining Committee

Everclean Workers at Coquitlam Centre elect Bargaining Committee

Everclean Workers at Sevenoaks Mall in Abbotsford elect Bargaining Committee


For more information speak to your steward, contact an organizer or your Union Representative.

Dallis Van Steinburg