Dexterra Janitors in BC Ratify First Agreement

Includes yearly wage increases and premiums, Employer paid health benefits, paid personal days and other significant workplace improvements.

“We are pleased with what we were able to win through collective bargaining,” said Preston Reid, a member on the Bargaining Committee. ““We had tried to ask for wage increases before other than the government minimum wages increase, but it was only when we unionized did we win those pay increases for everyone and much more.” Preston works as a full-time porter at the mall.


Last June, the cleaners at Capilano Mall won their union vote with a strong 100% yes vote. Five months later, the group has won their first Union contract, paving the way for other Dexerra workers to join the union and win these benefits as well.

“I’m happy that we made it! Our wages are up, benefits are better, and job security is there as well,” said Jerry Alejandro, a second member of the Bargaining Committee. 

“We are also excited about winning health benefits that are paid for by our Employer and cover part-time workers. Previously our benefits were only available to full-time workers, and we had to pay for the premiums out of pocket.” Jerry has been cleaning the exterior of the mall for 11 years.

This deal has brought the janitors at Capilano Mall up to city-wide standards, which thousands of janitors unionized with SEIU Local 2 in British Columbia fought hard to achieve in recent years. 

The janitors will be bargaining their second union contract in May 2023, which lines up with the expiry of the other janitorial contracts in BC. Together, thousands of janitors from multiple contractors will bargain for workplace improvements and fight to reach new thresholds in raising standards for janitors and their families. 

Capilano Mall is a shopping hub serving the Lower Mainland’s North Shore residents. It is owned and managed by Quadreal Property Group, a global real estate investment, operating and development company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its assets under management total $61.2 billion.