GDI Cleaners in Toronto ratify new agreement – match City-Wide standards

Unionized cleaners working for GDI in Toronto recently ratified a new collective agreement matching all the key increases and improvements won by workers in the Toronto City-wide agreement.

“I was glad to see that me and my co-workers were able to come together to win wage increases that will help our families keep up with the rising cost of living,” said Loyda Urbina, who has worked in the Eaton Centre office towers for about 20 years. “I am look forward to seeing these improvements happen for all cleaners in Toronto.”

This new agreement will cover almost 200 cleaners in 13 buildings in the Greater Toronto Area.

Photo: Bargaining Committee, l-r: Manoharan Lavakran, SEIU rep Ranyodh Singh, Badria Idris, Loyda Urbina, and Erna Bearneza.