Ricochet highlights Invisible to Essential in story about Filipino workers

“The pandemic really exposes the gaps in how essential work pre-COVID-19 is seen as invisible, but now the pandemic uncovers what’s underneath and what’s really holding the Canadian economy together."

CANADA –Alex Nyugen wrote a story on the struggles of Filipinos working during the COVID-19 crisis for Ricochet media. She highlights the efforts accross Canada to give these workers fairer wages and safer working conditions, including SEIU’s Invisible to Essential campaign. Check it out! https://ricochet.media/en/3099/underpaid-and-undervalued-filipino-communities-face-disproportionate-impact-from-covid-19


Slim Gedeon

People say that we are important but do they really treat us that way? We should be getting higher pay

Janitor, Ottawa
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Vilma Lopez

We should be given some recognition for taking this risk by at least increasing our wages

Janitor, Burnaby
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