2022 Bargaining
J4J Toronto

An important message
to all SEIU Local 2
janitors in Toronto

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Janitors covered by City-Wide Agreements have ratified a new deal containing the largest increases we’ve ever won. The new agreement includes other important gains and sets the standard for industry negotiations across the city. The remaining 1,500 plus members employed by companies with “site/building-specific” agreements will be negotiating new contracts in the coming weeks. At a minimum, we expect those companies to agree to the same improvements for their employees.

Make the Pledge


If janitorial companies don’t provide our sisters and brothers who have yet to sign a new contract with what they need to support their families, we will take action with thousands of cleaners across the city!

We’ve all been experiencing first-hand the steep rise in the cost of living: housing, groceries, transportation, gas, everything! At our current wages, even basic necessities are getting out of reach.

Inflation has now jumped to a 31-year high of 6.7%. 

SEIU Local 2 members covered by City-Wide Agreements recently made important gains in negotiations. By supporting our sisters and brothers covered by “site/building-specific” agreements as they fight for the same improvements, we not only help them win, but we also protect our gains.

We’re All In

Strike Vote Meeting

Saturday April 30, 2022 @ 10 AM
Courtyard Hotel, 475 Yonge St., Toronto

For more information contact your Union Steward or Rep.

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