It is now more clear than ever that SEIU members across the board are essential to providing services our society depends on.

Many SEIU members, including janitors, are on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic and play a critical role in stopping infections from spreading.

Read their stories. #ProtectALLWorkers

Maria Barretto

It's not just about money, it's about life. This situation has burdened us with extra costs. We are risking our lives, but it seems like they aren't appreciating it.

Janitor, Toronto
Take Action: invisible to essential

Roselyn Cabunilas

We are frontline and put at that level of risk everyday as we clean after vulnerable people who are at the highest risk of contracting the virus

Janitor, Toronto
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Luisito Tadlip

Our work as janitors is important because they can’t control the spread of the virus without us.

Janitor, Vancouver
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Cherish Lazo

If we are not there, who is going to help the residents? Who is going to sanitize and disinfect everything?

Janitor & Resident Care Assistant, Vancouver
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Stanley Maranion

The government should give us more protections such as completely freezing the rent of our houses. With this crisis, if we are laid off, how are we going to pay our rent?

Janitor, Vancouver
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Grace Williams

Of course we have always been essential workers. We help keep the city clean. Thousands of people use the subway, if we didn’t clean it would be a mess.

Janitor, Toronto
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Harjit Sahota

If the company goes against the rules, we have a union to fight.

Janitor, Toronto
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Maria Aviles

I think we are putting ourselves at risk cleaning public areas. They should respect us more

Janitor, Toronto
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Natalie Guiteaud

Who picks up their discarded, contaminated gloves at the end of the day? Who wipes and decontaminates all surfaces in rooms and washrooms?

Janitor, Ottawa
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Adaego Akor

The public tries to avoid touching potentially contaminating surfaces. We janitors are asked to do the opposite. To clean them to help keep everyone safe!

Janitor, Ottawa
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Jules Samuel

We are cleaning the buses that carry all the essential workers.

Janitor, Toronto
Take Action: invisible to essential

Slim Gedeon

People say that we are important but do they really treat us that way? We should be getting higher pay

Janitor, Ottawa
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Ron Desbiens

If it wasn't for the union I don't know where we would be. Without the union companies would take advantage of the situation.

Janitor, Toronto
Take Action: invisible to essential

Olga De Cruz

We have always been there protecting people, we have always been on the frontline against illness

Janitor, Toronto
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Regilyn Malaguit

You’re nobody, you can get sick and be nothing. I’m still a wife, still a mother, still a daughter. With all that’s going on there’s still no respect.

Hotel Worker, Toronto
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Carlos Toledo

One is following the recommendations of the government but feels economically stressed. There is not enough help and it feels unjust

Janitor, Toronto
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Vilma Lopez

We should be given some recognition for taking this risk by at least increasing our wages

Janitor, Burnaby
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