More Best Service Pros workers join SEIU

Ratify deal that includes 75-cent wage increase for all workers and makes benefit plan accessible to part-timers.

Best Service Pros workers that clean EA Sports building in Burnaby and the Coastal Bus loops and transit stations across the Lower Mainland overwhelmingly voted yes to ratify a contract on Saturday that saw wage increases of over 4% and improvements to their health and dental benefit plan.

Thoa Nguyen

“I joined the union so I can have health benefits for me and my family,” said Thoa Nguyen. Nguyen has been working with Best since 2009 without access to the health benefit plan. “What’s also very important is that we have protection with a union and a stronger voice to speak up if we are mistreated or our rights are being violated,” she added.

The deal included a 75-cent wage increase for all workers and made the benefit plan accessible to part-time workers, who were excluded under the company plan.

Workers at these sites will be joining hundreds of previously unionized Best Service Pros employees who clean post-secondary campuses and large shopping centres in the BC Interior and across the Lower Mainland, such as Metrotown Mall and BCIT.

“We are very happy about the wage increase we received,” exclaimed Nu Nguyen who has worked for Best since 2012 and was making minimum wage. “I won a 4.7% wage increase today and ready to fight for more increases next year that we need to support our families.”

Next Spring, Best Service Pros workers will be re-negotiating a contract with thousands of other janitors across the province, whose contract is set to expire at the same time.

Nu Nguyen
Hoanh Ngoc Le

“I’ve been a union member for 18 years and I know a union is good for workers,” explained Hoanh Ngoc Le. “I’m happy to have a union with my job at Best because I know that together, we will be able to accomplish more things and better our working situation and lives.”