Prabhjot Hundal discusses Invisible to Essential campaign on Channel Punjabi News on Monday April 13.

We discuss the Invisible to Essential campaign with host Gurpreet Singh.

DESIBUZZCanada a Canadian news-editorial-politics-entertainment magazine based in Vancouver, British Columbia, covers the Invisible to Essential campaign.

Janitors could be called unsung heroes during this #pandemic, but are they being appreciated and supported?

660 NEWS Edmonton Janitors are being thrust into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic and now a union representing 10,000 workers in Canada is calling for more protections.

Use of Non-Medical Masks at the Workplace During COVID-19
Coronavirus COVID-19 or 2019-ncov disease prevention infographics showing symptoms and protection tips. Novel coronavirus alert with infected persons. Set of isolated vector icons in flat style.

Occupational Health and Safety legislation in all Canadian jurisdictions requires employer to take all reasonably practical steps to ensure the health and safety of workers.