Ottawa – June 2023 – Newsletter

J4J Picnic; Additional pay bump; Special project work and/or lead hand shift premiums.

Now that summer has finally arrived it’s time to enjoy some sun and fun! We are pleased to announce the following updates for Justice for Janitors members in Ottawa.

J4J PICNIC JULY 22, 2023

2022 Ottawa J4J Picnic

Our annual Picnic will be held July 22nd at Vincent Massey Park site G starting at 11am. Come join us and bring your family for fun, food, and prizes! Please call the office to RSVP at 613-567-3528. We hope to see you there!


2022 Ottawa J4J Bargaining Committee

When the Ontario government announced that the minimum wage would be going up in the fall, SEIU Local 2 members in Ottawa knew they had secured an extra bump in pay thanks to important language the Collective Agreement.

Last year, janitors covered by Ottawa City-Wide Agreements ratified a new deal containing the largest increases we’ve ever won. The agreement also included other important gains including important language protecting our wages from inflation through a minimum wage trigger.

This means that Ottawa members covered by Citywide agreements will be receiving an additional pay increase on October 1st of $0.25 per hour on top of the scheduled increases of $0.50 per hour on July 1st and $0.30 per hour on January 1st, 2024.


Are you a lead hand or performing special project work? If so, you are entitled to a $0.50 hourly wage premium if you perform the tasks listed below. Please check your paystub and you aren’t seeing your premium for hours worked on those tasks, call our office to let us know 613-567-3528.

  1. Lead hand duties include the following:

In addition to the duties of a Cleaner/Day Porter the Lead hand shall be responsible for the training and leading of other employees, coordinating workflow, key control, quality assurance and the promotion of safe and efficient work habits.


  1. An employee shall be entitled to the Special Project Worker hourly premium when they perform the following duties:
  • Waxing and stripping floors
  • high speed burnishing of floors
  • working three metres above ground
  • work that requires specific training or certification
  • changing lights bulbs
  • carpet extraction
  • pool maintenance

the operation of gas-powered pressure washers.