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Read more about the article Huge Gains for Cleaners at Loyalist College
Loyalist College cleaners in Belleville

* 21.3% increase in wages over two years * Strong protection against sub-contracting * wage protection language against inflation * improvements to the workers’ pension plan and more!

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Read more about the article Labour Day is Around the Corner
2019 Labour Day photos

Monday September 4th is Labour Day and SEIU Local 2 members will be participating in events across the country. Find an event near you!

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Read more about the article Ottawa – June 2023 – Newsletter
2022 Ottawa J4J Picnic

J4J Picnic; Additional pay bump; Special project work and/or lead hand shift premiums.

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“We’ve won big raises: $1.20 for everyone retroactive to the beginning of the month, and $1.10 next year,” said Elsa Paulino

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First Central Bargaining Contract Negotiations to win much needed improvements – cost of living wage increases, improved benefits, a pension plan, better health & safety measures, and job security!

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Read more about the article Toronto Cleaners to get Additional Pay Bump in October
2022 Toronto J4J Negotiation Committee

SEIU Local 2 members cleaning in the GTA getting an extra bump in pay thanks to important language the Collective Agreement.

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Read more about the article Ottawa Newsletter – March 2023
SOURCE: Jack Purcell Community Centre Facebook

General meeting announcement, steward's training, Collective Agreement News, and more.

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Read more about the article OCC Janitors Unionize

After over 450 Bee Clean Building Maintenance janitors unionize at the end of 2022, cleaners at Okanagan Correctional Centre follow in their footsteps.

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Vancouver, BC – Over 450 Bee-Clean Building Maintenance workers have joined SEIU Local 2 after cleaners from dozens of properties across the Lower Mainland filed a multi-site application at the BC Labour Relations Board last week.

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Read more about the article Alpine workers in BC join SEIU
Alpine workers join SEIU

“Joining the union was an easy decision for me,” says Praveen Parmar, who has been a cleaner since 2004 and in the same building for almost a decade.

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