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Radio Canada met en lingue un compte rendu sur les injustices envers les travailleurs essentiels durant la pandémie

“Aujourd’hui, Slim Gedeon élève sa voix comme membre de la campagne nationale “De l’invisible à l’essentiel”, exigeant, entre autres, une augmentation salariale de 2 $ par heure pour les concierges à travers le pays. Ces derniers, explique-t-il, sont eux aussi essentiels et “préparent le terrain” de la première ligne, en nettoyant et en désinfectant les aires de travail ou les résidences de tous.”

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Gary Burrill, Nova Scotia NDP Leader, Endorses J4J Campaign

On April 29th, Gary Burrill came out in support of more recognition and better wages for janitors. “The work of janitors and cleaners is at the foundation of our medical system. It’s the beginning place of our educational system, is the starting place of our governance system. And now we’re understanding in a new way it’s also at the foundation of our whole public health system. The work of janitors and cleaners is essential work, it’s necessary work”

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Matt Green, Member of Parliament for Hamilton Centre, endorses Invisible to Essential campaign

Matt Green joins in the call to give justice to janitors: “Words alone will ring hollow if they are not backed up with action. As one of the country’s largest property owners, the federal government has the responsibility to ensure that janitors cleaning our buildings are bring paid a living wage, are working safely and have all the proper personal protective equipment in place.”

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